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Aug 8, 2022
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Oslo universitetssykehus deler hvert halvår ut priser til seks fremragende forskningsartikler med sentrale forfattere fra sykehuset. 15. juni ble prisene delt ut for artikler publisert i andre halvår 2021.

Mar 31, 2022
Category: General
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The laboratory is pleased to announce that we now offer a fully validated assay for analysis of ustekinumab in serum.

Production of novel monoclonal antibodies

The generation of hybridoma cell lines can be subdivided into five phases:

  • Antigen preparation/immunization
  • Generation of Mab-producing hybridoma cell lines
  • Screening of hybridoma clone supernatants
  • Expansion, cloning and cryopreservation of selected hybridomas
  • Antibody expression and purification from culture supernatants