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Aug 8, 2022
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Oslo universitetssykehus deler hvert halvår ut priser til seks fremragende forskningsartikler med sentrale forfattere fra sykehuset. 15. juni ble prisene delt ut for artikler publisert i andre halvår 2021.

Mar 31, 2022
Category: General
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The laboratory is pleased to announce that we now offer a fully validated assay for analysis of ustekinumab in serum.

Purification and labelling of user-supplied antibodies

We can help with:

  • Purification of immunoglobulins by conventional chromatographic methods (ion-exchange, gel-filtration) or affinity techniques (protein A, biomimetic).
  • Chemical labelling of antibodies with biotin, fluorescent dyes and lanthanide chelates.
  • Fragmentation of antibodies by limited proteolysis (Fab´, (Fab)2) or recombinant techniques (scFv).
  • Radioiodination of antigens and immunoglobulins.

We normally provide these services to investigators on a contract basis.

All antibody reagents supplied will be Quality Controlled by UV absorption and SDS-PAGE. If requested, IEF and high-performance size exclusion chromatography (to assess aggregate content) could also be undertaken.