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Aug 8, 2022
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Oslo universitetssykehus deler hvert halvår ut priser til seks fremragende forskningsartikler med sentrale forfattere fra sykehuset. 15. juni ble prisene delt ut for artikler publisert i andre halvår 2021.

Mar 31, 2022
Category: General
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The laboratory is pleased to announce that we now offer a fully validated assay for analysis of ustekinumab in serum.

Antigen preparation/immunization

The preparation of appropriately hyper-immunized mice is an important first step in Mab production.

Mice will be immunized with the selected antigen. Native proteins, recombinant fusion proteins, peptide conjugates and whole cells can be used for immunization.

In general, ca 1-5 mg of protein immunogen are necessary for immunization. For antigens available in limited amounts (eg some native proteins, FACs-sorted cells), it is our experience that direct intra-splenic immunization with <10 µg total antigen (or 1 x 105 cells) can often generate useful monoclonal antibodies.

We can help with:

  • Production of recombinant proteins using insect, yeast or bacterial expression systems.
  • Antigen purification.
  • Affinity tag selection for the production of high purity/low endotoxin recombinant protein
  • Conjugation of synthetic peptide to suitable protein carriers.