The Tumor Marker Laboratory at Radiumhospitalet is one of the few hospital laboratories that still develops, validates and introduces novel ”in house” immunoassays into its clinical diagnostic routine. We have more than 25 years of experience in the production of monoclonal antibodies (Mabs). Over the years, we have produced a large number of custom-made Mabs, against a plethora of proteins, for our Norwegian colleagues and international collaborators. These have included antibodies against cytokines, tumor marker antigens, and markers of hepatocellular injury, enzymes involved in drug metabolism and proteins involved in cell cycle regulation.

Leader antibody production


David Warren




Trine Bjøro and Marianne Nordlund Broughton

Co-workers Karoline J Henanger
  Nils Bolstad
  Elisabeth Paus
  Kjell Nustad
  Tone Varaas
  Kari Hauge Olsen
  Miriam Øijordsbakken
  Ragnhild Nome