David Warren

Leader antibody production

PhD, researcher

The overall theme of his research is the development of validated antibody-based assays for analytes of clinical interest. These include methods for quantifiying natural biomolecules, recombinant polypeptides and synthetic drugs including automated assays for biologic drugs currently run in the routine laboratory. He has over 25 years of laboratory bench experience in the generation of monoclonal antibodies through hybridoma technology.

Contact:  david.warren@rr-research.no


Trine Bjøro


MD, PhD, professor II, senior physician

Has a formal education in management and administration with long experience as leader of several groups and departments. She is an expert in thyroid cancer management with focus on translational medicine. Her research knowledge covers cancer biology and cell regulation mechanisms.

Contact:  BJC@ous-hf.no


Marianne Nordlund Broughton


PhD, researcher, Master of Technology (sivilingeniør), head of the Tumor Marker Research Group at OUS

Has a long experience in the development of monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays. Her knowledge was acquired during her PhD studies and 3 years as a Post Doc within the tumor marker laboratory. She has developed antibodies and an immunoassay for the small cell lung cancer marker proGRP. The assay is running in our diagnostic routine, and the antibodies have been used by Roche to produce a commercial kit.

Contact: mnordl@ous-hf.no


Nils Bolstad


MD, 50% PhD student

Is a PhD student in the department of medical biochemistry. He works on the causes of assay interference in commercial immunoassays and HE4 (an ovarian cancer marker. He has established several automated assays for antibodies to biologic drugs currently run in the routine laboratory.

Contact: nilbol@ous-hf.no